Monday, October 09, 2006

In the Beginning...

It's Sunday night... no, Monday morning, just after 2 am, and, though I'll soon have to wake up to go to work, I'm not quite ready to sleep yet. After all, these are the magic hours... the time when the rest of the world melts away and ideas that you never thought you had start to whisper things in your ear. And even though most often you're not quick enough or confident enough to follow them and see where they lead it's still fun to hear them dancing around. But every so often inpiration does smack you upside the head, and you have no choice but to answer, "Alright, alright! I'll do it!"

I'd been meaning to set up a website for some time now, but like most lazy good for nothing artists I never scrounged up the time or will. During that period, many of my friends and colleagues have taken to publishing themselves on blogs, and have encouraged me to do the same. Still, despite their insistence, I've been reluctant to give up my valuable screwing around time to devote to this endeavor. What did I really have to post? My tired old portfolio work, which does nothing but remind me of how little personal work I've done since graduating from college? Where's the inspiration in that?

Fast forward to this morning. I've just finished reading a chapter from Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad, a book of his travel writings, which led me to think of my recent trip to Paris. I picked up my sketchbook, which includes all the doodles and writings I kept on the trip as well as some miscellaneous sketching I'd done before. Eureka! Blog material! It was the smack upside the head that I'd been waiting for.

And so begins my blog... born from musings of a trip halfway across the world, re-discovered in the minutes before the break of daylight, and may soon blossom into the incoherent rantings of a self-obsessed artist. Please keep in mind I do this soully for my own amusement... and can only hope that not everyone walks away from it feeling too disappointed.

Anyhow, good morning.